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Approved Testimonials

"Being Pregnant with our first child was exiting & quite frankly terrifying. I really wanted a natural birth & I was determined to follow through. Once I reached labour stage I had doubts because of the discomfort & fear. Casey not only was armed with Knowledge she had a calmness which I found the only thing to put me in a tranquil ease. Our 2nd pregnancy was less frightening but still I was extremely apprehensive until Casey was there with her magic hands & warmth. There was no doubt that we would have Caseys comfort & empowerment with us for our 3rd. She took away the terrified feelings and made me feel like I could do it & I did.. 3 Times.. To this day my husband & I are fond of looking back on our experiences with gratitude. Casey was a true Blessing on our families lives"


"Casey was so helpful during the pregnancy of my second daughter, providing tonnes of useful information and support for not only me, the mama, but also for my first daughter, Abigail who is 2 years old. Thanks to Casey's beautiful birthing dolls Abbie fully understood how the baby was going to come out (which was great seeing as though she ended up being there for the birth!) she even told the midwife about the placenta and umbilical cord (who was most impressed!) I felt very pampered having my belly henna'd and have some beautiful photos and memories."


Casey did my placenta capsules within 24 hours of picking up my placenta. She came into the hospital late in the evening and picked up my placenta shortly after being informed my little man was born. I started in my capsules straight away and found that I had so much more milk this 2nd birth compared to my 1st. My post partum bleeding was minimal in comparison to my first birth also. Fantastic results overall. I highly recommend going ahead with Encapsulation. As a bonus, Casey's labelling and packaging is just beautiful!


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