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Positive birth program with

Hypnobirthing Australia classes 

Quality Childbirth Education where you will also prepare for your birth positively with Hypnobirthing Australia classes. In this 12 hour course you will gain a real understanding of the birthing process, learn about the options that may be presented to you, learn skills that you will benefit from & find comfort in during & after your birthing time.

Birth confidently & have confidence in your birthing partner.

Learn the natural ability of Self Hypnosis and enter your birthing time calmly & without fear.

This course covers everything from the birthing process itself, through to natural & medical options that may be offered or required during your birthing time.

All Classes include 12 hours of class time,

beautifully presented parent folio,

Rainbow Mist album (MP3 download)

Surge of the Sea (MP3 download)

Ongoing Phone & Email Support

Classes are held in Clarence in my home just a short 7min drive from Lithgow and directly across from the Zig Zag Railaway. Clarence is just a beautiful scenic drive up the Bells line of road for clients who may like to sneak away from Sydney & make a romantic short getaway out of the experience staying nearby or for those of the Hawkesbury & an easy find for the people of the Blue Mountains who just need to cut straight across The Darling Causeway from Mount Victoria. Ofcourse its not far up the scenic hill & simply just out to the side of Lithgow for those travelling from Bathurst.

Think of being snuggled up infront of a fire place on a cold winters day, there is nothing like the comfort of a home environment to help you relax, learn & practice the techniques I will be teaching you. Nibblies & hot beverages are provided however for the full day classes please BYO lunch or feel feel to take the short drive back into town and purchase your lunch at a local cafe. 

Class options PLEASE NOTE! DUE TOO COVID 19 ALL CLASSES ARE NOW IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME & FACE TO FACE VIA ONLINE CLASSES ONLY! ! 2 day courses are not currently available. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR AVAIL DATES for online classes that will be held in 3 hour sessions once a week over four consecutive weeks. 

-12 hour group class, held over 2 days. Group classes run for 6 hours 1 day a week over                

             2 weeks and the cost is $550. 


-12 hour group class, in one 3 hour class a week, held over 4 consecutive weeks in a row. $550

-Private classes are are available and the cost is $970.

Be sure to contact me to enquire or make arrangements for Private classes & see Events for upcoming scheduled classes. Be sure to follow me on Facebook to be kept up to date with announcements 

Sibling Education

Birth can be one of the most Empowering experiences of a lifetime & I believe that for every woman there are developmentally empowering & innate gifts discovered from within through their own birthing experiences but another thing to consider is that the beauty of birth can be a learning experience for the babies older siblings. 

During your pregnancy would be the perfect opportunity to introduce age appropriate Birth awareness, especially for those who intend for siblings to be present during the birth.

This can be as simple as giving even a very young child an opportunity to play with one of my specialised hand made Birthing Dolls Or for a primary school aged child to see how a baby fits through a pelvis! Children love to explore & questions come naturally. When answered with honesty birth is normalised & accepted. Giving your child a sense of familiarity helps to have your little ones informed & prepared too. 

Sibling Education- length of session time may slightly vary & Parent or Guardian must be present at all times for Sibling Education. Please contact me for bookings and enquiries & once arrangements have been made pay through the buy now link.

1 hour consult, $110.

Location Clarence

Follow me "Mother Birth Mountains" for Updates & Announcements."

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