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Welcome to Mother Birth Mountains,

As a Certified Birth Doula also Certified in Hypno-Babies~HypnoBirthing, an IPEN Certified Placenta

Encapsulation Specialist & HypnoBirthing Australia Practitioner, the woman & their families that I cater for are each partaking in their own personal journeys, through what can be a time of amazement & wonder or even for some a journey of uncertainty & the unknown. Either way with knowledge & preparation your the birth of your baby can be one of the most rewarding & empowering times of your life. So may I first give to you my huge, heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS & a warm welcome to motherhood.

Prepare yourself a cup of Pregnancy tea & savour the moment.

Here at "Mother Birth Mountains" you will find information on my varying range of Pregnancy, Birth & Placenta related services that I personally provide. Simply click the links to fill out booking forms & buy now links to secure your bookings once availability has been confirmed. 

May your Journey be of the most Empowering & Positive

Love & Light


My Story

Although my services are all about you, I would like to share a glimpse of myself so that you know who you are inviting into your special journey.

I am so glade you have found me, you can also find me in the highlighted links! My name is Casey & I am a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner Birth Educator an Internationally recognised Certified Birth Doula , a Registered HypnoBabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula

& an "IPEN" Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist always up to date with my qualifications in Blood Born Pathogens & Universal Precautions Training & Food & Handling.

Originally established in the Macarthur area on the outskirts of Sydney in 2013, I have since relocated & am now located perfectly right on the boarder of The Blue Mountains, Central west & Hawkesbury areas, making Positive Birth Programs with hypnobirthing Australia Classes, Placenta Encapsulation & Birth Doula Services, accessible to the woman of this great span.

I believe my Doula Journey began before I was even aware & that my personality innately was made for this chosen path. Even as a child I had interests in what I now know to be called the alternative world & remember even as a child passionately researching the properties of Wild Bush Flowers (note my adult self love of Homeopathy,Bushflower Essences & Aromatherapy). By my teens I had found my own instincts about alternative & holistic health & continuously seeked to learn about the human body, holistic healing & naturopathy through practice & mentors.  

With a love of children & people my resume was always based on my work in Early Childhood & Community services, Disability support work, Aged care & Community care. My hobbies & interests always consisted of the alternative world & holistic health. Even before my first pregnancy I was instinctually aware of my bodies birthing abilities & the importance of breastfeeding & natural parenting.

It was always natural for me, to connect with people with like minded interests & to have connected with woman seeking the support, knowledge, comfort, empowerment & nurturing I was able to provide. With this I would find myself sharing my skills & supporting woman during the most precious times of their lives. It wasn't until the pregnancy of my third child, that I realised I was looking for something more for myself & for my family that was hard to find in the area in regards to support, education & services that I myself desired, until I discovered a local "Doula." I learnt first hand, that the profession of a Doula is hard to describe as her services are something that are not only provided but are " experienced & felt". Suddenly I understood & discovered the profession that gives woman back what was always naturally, rightfully & instinctual theirs to claim.

I was overcome with the realisation that I was & had always been a Doula at heart & I decided to turn my passions into a career, studying through the Internationally recognised

"Childbirth International" as a Birth Doula, Certifying as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through IPEN & certifying as a Hypno-Babies Hypno-Birthing Doula with Hypno-Babies.

It was in supporting woman aswell as their birthing partners through their pregnancies & birthing times that had such a great understanding of birth & their own abilities to use tools that are natural & instinctual to us all, that lead me to become a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner. I had a desire to be able to provide classes so that more woman could access there own natural abilities, go into their birthing time truly understanding their own bodies, feeling confident, supported, knowledgeable, calm & with the ability to tap into their own skills & tools as they desire whilst feeling supported & understood & provided for by their support persons & care providers. As a hypnoBirthing Australia Practitioner I began hosting Childbirth Education Classes in Macarthur along with my dear friend & fellow Doula Christa Buckland whom I also sat along side with in the establishment of Doula Network Australia.

Now that I have done the job of introducing myself & how I became,

I invite you to select the " Services" tab above to find the Birth related service you are looking for...

"What an amazing gift it is to connect with others during their most precious times & to be able to partake in the maximisation of the well-being of Mothers & their babies in so many ways." Casey

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