Prepare for your ideal birth. Be knowledgable, Be Empowered & Be Supported. Enter into your birthing time feeling confident, peaceful & calm with the knowledge, trust & understanding you gained during your pregnancy in preparation for your birth. Did you know that woman with a Doula have shown through studies to statistically show,

To Feel 

- More confident in their choices

- More satisfied with their Pregnancy

- More satisfied with their Birth experience 

- Have Less complications

- A Lower cesarian rate

- are More Satisfied with their Partners

& have shown 

-Higher Successful Breastfeeding Rates

- Heightened positive bonding with baby 

- Less infant health Concerns

- Lower Rates of Postpartum Depression just to name a few of the benefits. 

Doulas make a difference. Doulas are not a medical staff member of your care providing team. A Doula is an independent individual who will nurture you all the way. As a Doula I provide everything that your care provider may not have time for or may not even be there for like acupressure or massage or supporting your birth companion to ensure that they don't have to let go of your hand whilst I pass them the essential oil or ice chips.  A Doula is to ensure that your emotional & physical needs are being met during pregnancy, during birth & immediately after. I can advocate, provide information, we prepare. I help you to discover your birth preferences & ensure that you are well prepared before your birth through discussion & provide information, the sharing of skills, and during the birth simply by nurturing and understanding you & your desires.

As well as being a Certified Birth Doula through Childbirth International I am also a HypnoBirthing Australia Practitioner & hold Hypnobirthing Classes (See Classes in the above Services tab) I am also a Specialised Hypnobabies~Hypnobirthing Doula there for I have created a pacage so that if you purchase the combo of Hypnobirthing Classes & Birth Doula Services with me you will save $300 off your Doula Services at your time of booking Doula Services as a Doula Deal! 

You will have a Doula by your side who understands your method of self hypnosis, helping to maintain a steady stream of your cue's and suggestion.  

A complimentary up to 30 min meet & greet is always arranged prior to your booking of Doula services. Limited bookings are available for Doula services. Please Contact me with enquiries to check availability. 


Birth Package $1800

Meet & Greet

Receive x2,  up to 2 hr pre natal consults, 

Telephone & email support within office hours throughout your entire pregnancy,

On call 24/7 from 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date &  Full Birth Attendance for Hospital or Home Birth from when you require.  

A x1 1 hour post natal birth follow up during the days after your birth.

Doula DealDoula services for Woman who are booked into either of my group or private, HypnoBirthing Classes are only $1500. (That is a saving of $300 Off your Doula Service when you are also a HBA Client)

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