Private Birth Preparation & Education Classes are available upon request.

Knowledge is Power! Be ready for your Babies Birth & Help to create the birth experience you desire through knowledge & understanding. Be informed through gaining a real understanding of the Birthing Process & very importantly about the Options that may be presented to you during your birthing time & immediately after. 

Also learn natural methods & skills that you can benefit from & find comfort in. You will participate together in learning natural skills & methods that you can benifit from & find comfort in that you will be able to use during the birthing time, creating too, a confident Birthing Partner! 

With this knowledge you are less likely to fear birth or options presented to you during birth, allowing you to focus on the birthing process when the time comes. 

Approach birth more confidently & be happier with the decisions that you made knowing that you understand what is happening & your options. 

This course covers everything from the birthing process itself, through to natural & medical options that may be offered or required.

This course provides Mum & her birthing partner with some knowledge & skills that will be used if you are choosing to Breast Feed & give you an understanding that will improove the likeliness of successful long term Breast feeding if you weren't already aware of these fundamentals

Learning all of these skills during pregnancy can aid in you feeling more comfortable & confident during birth itself. Birth Preparation & Education is also a chance for you to explore expectations that you may have, helping to share a common ground with your Birthing Partner, meaning that your needs will more likely be met.

With the fact that woman who feel supported during their Birthing time, statistically Happier with their Partners after Birth & more satisfied with their Birthing experience, there is no reason not to ensure your both as Knowledgeable as possible!

As a HypnoBirthing Australia Practitioner I am now taking Childbirth Education & Preparation bookings through our HypnoBirthing Australia web sight.

For Bookings & more information please visit

Bookings are essential and made online & the 2 day class is $550. 

Sibling Education.

Birth can be one of the most Empowering experiences of a lifetime & I believe that for every woman there are developmentally empowering & innate gifts discovered from within through their own birthing experiences but another thing to consider is that the beauty of birth isn't always just about the adults & if your baby has older siblings, during your pregnancy would be the perfect opportunity to introduce age appropriate Birth awareness, especially for those who intend for siblings to be present during the birth.

This can be as simple as giving even a very young child an opportunity to play with one of my specialised hand made Birthing Dolls Or for a primary school aged child to see how a baby fits through a pelvis! Children love to explore & Questions come naturally. When answered with honesty birth is normalised & accepted. Giving your child a sense of familiarity helps to have your little ones informed & prepared too. 

Sibling Education- session time varies depending on the child. Parent or Guardian must be present for Sibling Education.

Aprox 1 hour consult, $80.00 for existing Clients when added on to existing sessions 


$110. for clients located between Blackheath & Lithgow

COMING SOON BABY BASICS..  Perfect for first time parents who want to build confidence or just learn the basics like Bathing & Dressing your newborn, Changing a nappy, basics of Breast feeding for Mums & Dads & Soothing/ Comforting ideas! 

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